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Πώς να κατασκευάσετε χιονάνθρωπο

Oh the winter snow! When I see the white stuff I think of the countless opportunities for kids to learn about science and so much more. Lois Ehlert’s Snowballs perfectly illustrates this concept. Not only does this beloved author’s book feature creative winter-themed collages, but it also pulls in the science concept of states of matter. Add in the everyday objects that the snow people are dressed in, and you also have a lesson on recycling and reuse. Instead of just reading this book, take time to look at the pictures as if they were works of art hanging on a gallery’s wall. Then get ready for an all-out full-house scavenger hunt that will lead to imaginative art-making!

What You Will Need:

Everything that you’ll need you’ll find in your own house. Instead of buying new crafting items, search high and low for artsy materials to use. Talk to your child about reusing everyday items and why this is beneficial for the environment. Make a list of what she will need to create a snowman collage. She’ll need white paper to make the snowballs. Reuse the back of an old poster, white gift wrap scraps, old worksheets or cut apart a well-worm white towel. Ask your child why you want her to reuse everyday objects. Help her to think about what would happen if you just toss everything in the trash. Ask her where she thinks it goes after the garbage man picks it up.

Other items that you may use the put together the collage include:

Here’s What to Do:

  • buttons
  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon odds and ends
  • natural materials such as leaves or twigs
  • anything else that your child thinks will add character to her snow person!
    snowpeoplePin It

    snow-art-activityCut white paper (or fabric) into three circles: one for the snow person’s head, one for the body and one for the bottom. This is also a great opportunity to talk about geometry and shapes.

  • Stack the snowballs vertically. Dab glue in-between each one to make them stick.
  • Glue on an eyes, nose and mouth. The exact materials that your child uses depends on what she has gathered from around the house. For example, glue on two button eyes, a semi-circle of beads as a mouth and a triangle cut from an old orange towel as a carrot nose.
  • Decorate the rest of the snow person with additional reused and natural items.

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014 - 16:15